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We offer guided hunting & fishing expeditions throughout Mongolia


The tradition of hunting in Mongolia goes back over eight centuries, to the time when Chinghis Khan ruled the largest empire on earth. The tradition has changed very little over those hundreds of years. We are a land of nomadic horsemen, an ancient culture, unspoiled wilderness and above all, friendly people. The tradition of welcoming the traveler has been an essential element of our heritage for as long as Mongolia has existed.


Landlocked between Russia and China, Mongolia is a country of unlimited hunting possibilities. In contrast to the crowded Asian countries, we have 3 million people, with a density of only 3.6 people per square mile. High mountains, endless steppes, arid deserts and crystal-clear lakes are all part of the Mongolia you will enjoy. The hunting and fishing experiences are as varied as the species you will encounter.


We inviate you to discover the land of Chinghis Khan, and some of the finest, safest hunting on Earth today.



We offer wide range of hunting and fishing packages to suit your interests and time availability. All our trips can be customized to your needs. Our sightseeing trip options make your travel not just an ordinary hunting or fishing tour but also gives you an added opportunity to learn about Mongolian culture, nature & the famous hospitality. 



“One of the best arranged and conducted hunts that I have ever experienced…the arrangements

made by Mongolian Travel were flawless. No delays were encountered and the assigned personnel

werevery competent. My guide and interpreter did an outstanding job and was an

excellent judge of trophy quality. The attention he paid to detail was excellent.”

                                                                                                                                 —R.M., New York


“Altai hunt was fantastic! Great local guide and interpreter. Good accommodations and food.

Hunted three days and saw 60 to 70 ibex a day. Ibex taken was 45.5" on both sides. Very happy

with the trophy and the trip. Local guide was very good at judging size of animals and made

sure I got what I wanted.”

                                                                                                                                      —G.L., Hawaii


“My wife and I would rank our visit to Mongolia as one of the most enjoyable, memorable trips

we’ve ever taken. Great hunting and the friendliest people we’ve encountered anywhere in the world.We felt genuinely comfortable and welcome from the moment we arrived. It is a part of the worldnot to be missed. My wife enjoyed the shopping in Ulaanbaatar, too.”

                                                                                                                                    —T.B., Colorado



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