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Experience the intrigue of new places, the rare opportunity for exploration, stalking some of the most exotic animals in the world, wetting a line in hopes of doing battle with the world's most elusive and largest freshwater gamefish... Magical moments possible in the vastness of Mongolia's mountains, deserts, steppes and forests.

Ovis Ammon Ammon , Ovis Ammon Darwini & Ovis Ammon ssp.

Mongolia provides the core habitat for the argali, posessing the highest body weight and largest horns of any wild sheep. Both the Altai and Gobi Desert species are found in Mongolia, and SCI and other conservation organizations recognize the Mid-Altai argali, or “Hangai,” as a separate record book entry. We have been conducting these classic sheep hunts for the serious hunters since 1962.



Capra Sibirica Sibirica & Capra Sibirica Hagenbecki

Two separate species of the majestic ibex are common in Mongolia. Our careful hunt management and  exceptional hunting areas have insured extremely high levels of success on both species over many years. Our ibex hunts, available in many options including the complete package with international airfare and the possibility of sightseeing in China or Korea and  represent some of the best hunting values to be found anywhere in the world today.

Cervus Elaphis Sibiricus

The Mongolian Maral Elk is similar to the North American Rocky Mountain Elk. It is estimated that Mongolia has the largest population of wapiti in Asia, consistently producing excellent trophies.


The international angling community has recognized that the pristine, unspoiled waters of Mongolia offer some of the most exciting fishing in the world. The ferocious taimen (hucho taimen) is one of the  remiere

game fish to be found anywhere, a member of the salmonidae family that can reach 75in the world. The ferocious taimen (hucho taimen) is one of the premiere game fish to be found anywhere, a member of the salmonidae family that can reach 75 inches in length and weigh up to 75 pounds. The average catch is 35 to 40 inches, with taimen up to 50 inches not uncommon. Many of our anglers have landed fish larger than this.


You’ll also find the lenok, a cousin of the North American trout, to be widespread throughout Mongolia. This beautifully colored, pugnacious species reaches 35 inches in length and up to 11 pounds in weight.

Recommended tackle is a 3 to 5 weight rod and some hoppers for catching lenok that average 18 to 20 inches, often much larger.


Your catch may also include grayling (up to 16 inches), pike, burbot (averaging 35 to 38 inches), perch, sockeye, omul, Amur pike and Uskuch trout,Mongolia’s equivalent to the silver salmon. If you’re itching for some great fishing, we have the cure.


The Great Lake regions of western Mongolia offers selective wingshooting for a large variety of migrating waterfowl and resident upland birds. Unique species include bean geese, greylag, red-breastedmerganser, smew, pochard, falcated duck, Eurasion widgeon, great cormorant, sand grouse and daurian and chuckar partridges.



Mongolia is homeland to other animal species. In addtion to above big games, the following animals are available for trophy sports hunting in Mongolia:


- White Gazelle, procapra gutturosa

- Blacktail Gazelle, gazella subgutturosa hilleriana

- Grey Wolf, canis lupus

- Siberian Roe Deer, capreolus pygargus pygargus

- Wild Boar, sus scrofa

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